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Join iCG Pay as a Partner!

Make Passive Income

Interested in generating passive income alongside a baseball career? 

Simple Path to Passive Income

  • Casual networking and referrals can lead to passive, ongoing commissions.
  • No expertise needed in payments technology; focus on baseball while building income.
  • We manage partnership intricacies, turning relationships into opportunities.

Steady Income Growth

  • Earn a percentage of revenue from introduced businesses each month.
  • Your portfolio expands as you nurture more relationships.
  • More introductions and transactions mean higher income potential.

Seamless Integration with Your Goals

  • Maintain your baseball focus while your network generates income.
  • Keep excelling on the field while your financial success is secured.

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Career Development Opportunities

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Become an Agent!

Casual networking and relationship referral introductions leading to passive and perpetual residual commissions. No experience required and no need to become a payments technology expert. Continue focusing on the baseball craft while growing a profitable portfolio.
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Unlock Ongoing Revenue with Ease

We handle the intricate aspects of the partnership, ensuring your relationships become a wellspring of opportunity. Each month, a percentage of the revenue generated from businesses you introduce is yours. Play your game while we secure your financial win.
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Your Potential, Your Portfolio

As you nurture relationships, your portfolio flourishes. The more businesses you introduce, the greater your revenue becomes. The more transactions flow, the higher your income climbs. Make your network work for you without missing a beat on the field.

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