Powerful Omnichannel Payment Processing

Simplify complex payment processes with solutions from iCheckGateway.com (ICG). We combine ACH and credit card processing into one unified omnichannel approach, offering future-proofed solutions to businesses of all sizes and across a variety of industries.

Grow your business with our comprehensive solutions. With built-in security, safeguarding our customers’ sensitive information is top of mind. Mutually beneficial partnerships with ISOs and ISVs help merchant customers simplify complex payment processes. Our developers tools support seamless integrations with many popular software applications and ecommerce platforms.

Our expert technical support team is on hand to assist when needed--making installation easy.

ACH and Credit Card Processing Payment Gateway

Security is Our Priority

iCheckGateway.com is a Level 1 PCI-DSS certified service provider. We are heavily focused on data security, across a wide range of peripheral origination technologies. Our solutions work hard to reduce your PCI scope using security functions such as BIN filtering, tokenization, end-to-end encryption, iFrame implementation, anti-bot measures, velocity filters, transparent redirecting, and payment method restriction.

PCIDSS Level 1 Service Provider


What Processing Solutions Are You Looking For?

  • ACH Processing Solutions
    ACH Processing

    Accept eChecks, direct transfer (ACH), and use remote deposit capture.

  • Credit Card Processing Solutions
    Credit Card Processing

    Utilize online processing of all major credit cards with low interchange rates.

  • Cash Discount Program
    Cash Discount Program

    Have all of the payment solutions and automation without the fees!

  • Host Payment Portal Solutions
    Hosted Payments

    Offer your customers secure online processing through our payment gateway.

  • IVR Payments Solutions
    IVR Payments

    Interactive Voice Response accepts transactions via phone keypad.

  • SMS Text Invoicing Solutions
    SMS Text Payments

    Initiate payments through SMS text messaging with a secure payment link.

  • Recurring Payments Solutions
    Recurring Payments

    Set and manage recurring interval payments on a variety of schedules.

  • Mobile Payments Solutions
    Mobile Payments

    Accept multiple payment forms on the go with ICG Pay.

  • Virtual Terminal Solutions
    Virtual Terminal

    Internet-enabled payment processing on your computer or mobile devices.

  • Email Invoicing Solutions
    Email Invoicing

    Bill customers directly through email using our secure payment gateway.

  • Check Verification Solutions
    Check Verification

    Prevent fraud and authorize more ACH payments accurately and quickly.

  • ACH Processing Plugins and Integration
    Plugins / Integration

    Easily connect to our payment platform with our plugins, links, and APIs.

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We make it simple for you to install and customize our solutions. Easily integrate our payment platform solution with any online application or back-office solution and get up and running quickly. Access our full suite of plugins, API specifications, and tools in our Partner Zone, where you can also try out live modules with your existing software. No matter the scenario, our tech support team is available to answer your questions and give guidance as needed.

ACH Payment Gateway Developer Resources

Industry Payment Solutions

ICG supports merchants of all sizes in a wide variety of industries across the USA.

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