Streamline Invoicing and Simplify the Billing Process with Electronic Invoices

Request Payments without Paying for Postage

Invoicing has never been easier. With our Invoice Management System, you can request payment for goods and services directly through iCG Pay. Customers enjoy simplicity by clicking their email link to pay directly online through the email invoice either by ACH or credit card payment. In addition, you can send single invoices or set up recurring billing statements. Both ACH and credit card payments can be processed in our single platform.


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Product Benefits

  • Convenient-Payment-Options
    Convenient Options for Customers

    We make it easy for customers to pay stress-free through their provided email link, which can be available on any mobile device. Payments are processed securely through iCG Pay’s virtual terminal, reducing PCI scope and ensuring sensitive customer data remains safe. For ease, customers can choose to process their payment through ACH or credit card payment, whichever they prefer.

  • Accelerate-Cash-Flow
    Accelerate Cash Flow

    The convenience of email invoicing saves you time and money. It allows you to eliminate paper invoices and costly postage. It also accelerates cash flow by using enhanced technology to manage payments and requests without the hassle of waiting on mailed-in payments from customers—instead they can pay instantly through the email link within their invoice.

Product Features

  • Brand-Customized-Invoices
    Customize Invoices to Your Brand

    Email invoices are highly customizable to fit your brand. You have the ability to place your logo and branding on your electronic invoices, allowing customers to instantly recognize the source of the payment request, streamlining the payment collection process so you can be paid on time and quickly and customers are comfortable knowing their payment has been received.

  • Seamless-Integration-1
    Seamless Integrations

    Our email invoicing integrates with software you already have and use for your business. You can synchronize your data easily and seamlessly with many back-office software solutions for simple accounting management.

  • Detailed-Reporting-Features-1
    Detailed Reporting Features

    Simplicity and detail are main features of our invoice management system. You can access your invoicing and payment data completely within one convenient system. Easily gain access to and view a variety of important business data including a list of open invoices, paid invoices, the invoice date, due date, past-due payments, and invoice amounts. Late invoices are easily managed and organized by color-coded labels based on the due date. Lastly, all payments are visible within your iCG Pay Virtual Terminal account for review, including matching invoice numbers for easy transaction management and consolidated reporting.

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