Get Innovative ACH and Credit Card Processing Solutions from an Innovative Team!

Founded in 2008 and headquartered in Fort Myers, Florida, iCG Pay serves businesses ranging from small local family operations to publicly traded, enterprise-level corporations across the United States.

Get the best of both ACH and Credit Card Processing in a consolidated payment gateway with technology advanced solutions.

You'll benefit from a variety of software technologies that empower businesses and their customers by making transactions easy through innovative payment solutions that drive business growth and optimize visibility. 

iCG Pay builds strong partnerships with independent sales organizations, software vendors, and banking institutions across the United States to provide businesses with streamlined and flexible payment technology solutions.

Streamline Your Payment Processing for Enhanced Business Growth

Our Suite of Solutions include:

  • Online Terminal
  • Auto Recurring Payments
  • Custom Hosted Payment Portals
  • Mobile Payment Processing
  • Hosted IVR Payment Solutions
  • Email Invoicing
  • SMS Text Invoicing/Donations
  • Check Verification
  • eCommerce Shopping Cart Integration
  • API Implementation Support
  • Cash Discount Programs, and more!

As we continue to expand our partner relationships and customer footprint, we also enhance our technologies and service offerings. The goal is to deliver an all-in-one payment solution to capture multiple payment methods across a wide range of peripheral origination technologies while focusing heavily on data security and ease of use. 

Our vision is to support the financial heartbeat of thousands of businesses globally by securely and reliably deploying innovative payment solutions. 

As an employer, iCG Pay experiences rapid growth while remaining team-focused, employee-loyal, and opportunity-rich.