Schedule Automatic Billing Payments with Ease

Provide Your Customers Added Convenience

Recurring billing payments are an easy way to give your customers added convenience. With automated recurring payments and invoices for subscriptions, monthly utility bills, insurance premiums, rent, and mortgage payments, customers have the convenience of never missing a payment, simply by setting it up once. You can even set up a recurring donation for your charity or non-profit organization. With just a few clicks, set up automatic ACH, debit card, and credit card withdrawals with iCG Pay solutions.


Eliminate the Hassle of Bill Payments with Recurring Payments

Product Benefits

  • Mitigate-Missed-Payments
    Mitigate Missed Payments

    With our recurring payment solutions, you can set up payments on a continuous schedule— eliminating customers’ stress in remembering to manually send payment. Reduce your overall business expense by cutting the cost of sending paper invoices, billing statements, and donation requests by enrolling customers into a recurring payment schedule. Once a payment is received, an SMS or email payment notification is automatically sent to customers. This way, you can make sure you’re always paid on time and your customers’ experience is simplified.

  • Increase-Revenue-Stream
    Increase Your Revenue Stream

    Automatic recurring billing payments are an easy way to streamline your payment process and increase your revenue stream. Implementing recurring billing solutions are excellent for managing payments that occur on a regular interval, such as loan payments or subscription services. Knowing that regular payments will always be paid on time, you are able to project and rely on the cash flow for your business, since recurring payments provide an additional layer of security for your incoming payments.

Product Features

  • Payment-Methods-One-Platform
    Payment Methods in One Platform

    With iCG Pay’s recurring payment solution, all payment methods are included in one platform. You can process and support ACH and credit card transactions within the same solution, giving customers the freedom to pay by the most convenient method for them. All methods are supported in one solution, making management easy through our virtual terminal.

  • Increased-Customer-Autonomy
    Increased Customer Autonomy

    To make things even easier, customers can enroll in automatic recurring payments themselves through our hosted payment portal. This means that customers can set up their own recurring payment schedule right on your website. They can access account management features to keep their information up-to-date, ensuring customers can “set it and forget it” without worry and missing as few payments as possible. All recurring payments that are set up via the hosted payment portal process securely and without running sensitive financial data through your system, maintaining PCI compliance standards, and reducing your PCI scope.

  • Flexible-Recurring-Options
    Flexible Set-up Options

    Our recurring payments service is a flexible solution that supports a variety of billing cycles and schedules, giving customers more convenience and freedom to create a system that works for them. There are options to set up payments at many intervals: annually, bi-annually, quarterly, monthly, bi-monthly, weekly, and daily. You can also create a recurring payment installment plan by limiting the number of payments where applicable, for example in a rent-to-own situation. Increase customer satisfaction while forecasting your revenue with our solution.

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