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Delay of funds is not an option in consumer financing, whether it’s for auto loans, mortgage loans, or personal loans. The main objective is to be as efficient as possible; it’s crucial to be able to get customers funded quickly, accurately, and securely while ensuring that debtors pay on time and in full.’s solutions help consumer finance companies receive your funds from debtors more efficiently using ACH and credit card services that integrate with your back-office systems. Online, automated processing eliminates the need to chase down paper checks or use staffing resources to call customers for payments. Stay competitive in your industry and obtain higher convenience in collecting and distributing funds through our multi-channel ACH and credit card solution.


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The ability to offer both credit card and ACH solutions in one platform caters specifically to the consumer finance industry since most finance companies cannot accept credit card payments to pay debts. can assist your finance company by validating debit card acceptance to keep you Visa compliant.

We offer many automated features that increase payment collection efficiency, such as our secure gateway solution, while keeping you out of PCI scope. Our solution presents a secure payment-processing landscape for consumer financing companies by offering seamless integrations and APIs with many back-office systems, including different levels of administration authorization. Harness a single platform where you can manage your clients and payment transactions.


Industry Benefits

  • Flexible-Options-to-Accept-Payments
    More Flexible Options to Accept Payments

    With, customers can easily pay through a variety of channels, freeing up office resources for other responsibilities. Interactive Voice Response (IVR) payments let customers pay from their touchtone phone, without needing a live representative to accept payment information. For customer convenience and a reliable revenue stream, you can set up recurring payments that ensure you never miss a monthly payment. Request payments via email and SMS text invoicing, which is convenient for the customer and cost-effective for you. Plus, increase efficiency with payment collection by mobile device and our virtual terminal.

  • Reduce-PCI-Scope-2
    Reduce PCI Scope

    At, we provide fraud prevention tools that keep client data secure, such as tokenization, end-to-end encryption, our hosted payments portal, and secure gateway. In addition, sensitive data is stored safely and securely on the gateway, and not within your own system, taking this responsibility off your plate. Our APIs make it easy for you to upload batch files, without the concern of data breaches or financial data passing through multiple vendors.

  • Back-Office-Integrations
    Seamless Back-Office Integrations

    For a seamless management system, QuickBooks Online integration are easy using iCheckGateway’s APIs and plugins. Save the stress of entering your customer information into different programs and consolidate into one system. With these smooth back-office integrations, office staff can focus on other aspects of growing your business.

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