Streamlined Payment Processing for Commercial Banks

Supercharge your commercial banking services with iCG Pay's streamlined payment processing. Enable businesses to effortlessly manage ACH and credit card transactions, reducing accounting burdens and boosting operational efficiency. Optimize merchant account services for business growth and revenue enhancement.


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Comprehensive Payment Processing Solutions for Commercial Banks

iCG Pay revolutionizes commercial banking with efficient payment solutions, empowering banks to offer comprehensive merchant account services and sophisticated payment processing.


  • Versatile Payment Handling: Supports various payment methods, including ACH transfers, online credit card payments, and Remote Deposit Capture (RDC), via a secure, hosted platform.

  • Diverse Banking Needs Support: Accommodates a range of requirements, from online payments for Check21 clients to loan processing collaborations with consumer finance companies.

  • Industry Education and Innovation: Provides insight into innovative payment technologies, offering varied options for payment acceptance and processing.

  • Seamless Integration Capabilities: Ensures smooth integration with existing back-office software, shopping cart plugins, and APIs, improving merchant clients' operational efficiency and revenue cycles.

Industry Benefits

  • All-in-One-Payment-Processing
    All-in-One Reliable Payment Processing

    Our unified platform allows banks to offer robust merchant account services, enabling the processing of various payment methods across multiple channels. Seamless integration with industry software systems is ensured through our advanced developer tools, plugins, and APIs.

  • PCI-Compliance-and-Fraud-Prevention
    PCI-Compliance and Fraud Prevention

    iCG Pay's secure hosted payment environment safeguards banks and their clients against fraudulent transactions. Our customizable hosted payment portal with built-in security features ensures financial data protection and compliance.

  • PCI-Compliance-and-Fraud-Prevention.png
    Customer Satisfaction and Efficiency

    iCG Pay enhances customer satisfaction for banking merchants by supporting their growth and operational efficiency. We provide solutions for on-the-go and contactless payments, ensuring merchants receive payments swiftly and are more satisfied with their banking services.

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