Safeguard Your Business and Sensitive Customer Data

Access the Latest Technology Solutions for Data Security and PCI Compliance

iCG Pay uses the latest technology to provide the solutions needed so your customers can trust that their sensitive financial data is safe with you. With our tools, you can reduce your PCI scope and avoid potentially fraudulent activity and liability. We offer secure ACH and credit card payment processing within a single online platform, which allows you to access security features such as our hosted payment portal and tokenization.


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Product Benefits

  • Reduce-PCI-Scope-Burden
    Reduce the Burden of PCI Compliance

    Staying PCI compliant can be both costly and time-consuming. Thankfully, iCG Pay solutions offer built-in features to help mitigate risk and maintain compliance within one single online platform. Sensitive cardholder information is safeguarded and secure in both inbound and outbound transactions, reducing your PCI scope and lessening the burden of remaining compliant.

  • Payment-Processing-Customers-Trust
    Payment Processing Customers Can Trust

    Give your customers peace of mind against potential threats to their financial information and well-being, such as data breaches, identity theft, and unauthorized transactions. When armed with fraud-preventing solutions from iCG Pay, your customers can trust that their information is safe and secure. Let us help you improve your customers’ experience, gain customer trust, and boost your bottom line.

Product Features

  • Industry-Security-Standards.png
    We Follow Industry Security Standards

    Supporting both ACH and credit card transactions with us is a breeze. Safeguard sensitive financial data with solutions from iCG Pay. Our solutions adhere to industry security standards, including PCI-DSS and NACHA, so all you have to focus on is building your business. iCG Pay keeps compliance with built-in supported security features such as: Tokenization, iFrame Implementation, Velocity Filters, BIN Filtering, Anti-Bot Measures, Transparent Redirect, Customer Account/IP Blacklisting, Payment Method Restrictions, and End-to-End Encryption.

  • Hosted-Payment-Portals-Reduce-PCI
    Reduce PCI Scope with the Hosted Payments Portal

    Processing transactions by redirecting through the hosted payment portal, data is transmitted securely and seamlessly without ever touching your own system. This further reduces your PCI scope and adds another layer of security, all while making processing payments easier for you.

  • Tokenization-Provides-Stronger-Security
    Tokenization Provides Stronger Data Security

    Tokenization provides strings of random numbers (known as tokens) in place of sensitive customer data. This prevents the data from being stored or transmitted within your system, while you are able to maintain control of the user experience. In this way, iCG Pay acts as your data custodian, storing token values in a PCI compliant environment and relieving you of the burden of storing it yourself. Our solutions protect and prevent sensitive data from passing through multiple channels, safeguarding you against potential threats, like data breach or identity theft. Best of all, tokens are worthless to hackers and cyber criminals, so you can rest assured your data is safe with us.

  • iFrame-Security
    Provide Even More Security with iFrame Implementation

    iFrame implementation allows customer payments to be embedded within your website to process payments, seamlessly tokenizing them, securely through a third-party application. We offer fully supported APIs throughout the payment processing life cycle; this eases the process and implements data-protecting features in a PCI compliant methodology.

Safeguard Your Business with Solutions from iCG Pay