Give Customers the Convenience of No-Contact Payments with IVR Technology

Ensure Customers Can Make Payments without a Representative

The easy-to-use Interactive Voice Response (IVR) payment service by iCG Pay is a boon to customer convenience. Allowing customers to make payments over the phone using their touch-tone or mobile phone, IVR supports both ACH and credit card payments in one platform. In fact, there’s no need to even speak with a live representative; IVR allows the user to interact by keypad or voice recognition. And, without the need of an internet connection, payments are submitted instantly and securely—the platform reduces your PCI scope, since transactions pass through a provided web portal, instead of storing and transmitting sensitive data within your system.


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Product Benefits

  • Seamless-Integration
    Seamless Integration

    The IVR payments platform is highly customizable depending on your specific business needs. Whether you want a simple or advanced interface for your customers is entirely up to you. IVR comes with options to create a bare-bones experience, empowering customers to submit payments without much fluff, along with options to create a more complex system with more robust functionality. With this option, customers can take advantage of features like reviewing their account information and history in real-time, or contemplating donation information. With multilingual functionality—IVR features both English and Spanish language support by default, with options to expand to other language support as needed.

  • Secure-Processing-Single-Platform
    Secure Payment Processing in One Platform

    Security is something you don’t have to worry about with IVR payments. iCG Pay deploys and hosts a turn-key system, which ensures secure transactions, reduces PCI scope, and processes all cardholder information through our online gateway, enabling all data to be stored outside of your system, all while maintaining compliance standards. This is available 24/7/365, accepting ACH and credit card payments without the need for an internet-connected phone.

Product Features

  • Flexible-Payment-Options
    Flexible Payment Options

    Unlike some over-the-phone payment systems, payments with IVR are as flexible as they come. By allowing ACH, eCheck, and credit card transactions, customers have multiple options to pay in a way that is comfortable for them, ensuring that payments come through to you more quickly.

  • Turn-Key-Solution
    Total Turn-Key Solution

    iCG Pay offers interactive voice response for payment processing as a turn-key solution, furthering the ease of implementation within your business. Because it’s ready-to-go, your tech staff is not needed to build and integrate it into your processes. At its base level, it’s pre-packaged ready to accept payments in the simplest form so that you can hit the ground running as soon as possible. For more advanced needs, data-driven robust functionality allows the customer to hear account-specific information, increasing ease of use for them as well.

  • Turn-Key-Solution.png
    Maintain PCI Compliance Standards

    We take security very seriously at iCG Pay, and we understand that a lack of PCI compliance can cause major disruptions and be costly for your business. You have nothing to worry about using interactive voice response to accept payment transactions. To ensure PCI compliance, cardholder data is not stored in your internal system— instead, all transaction data is passed through an iCG Pay-provided and hosted website portal, keeping your business and your customers’ sensitive data safe.

  • Professionally-Recorded-IVR-Prompts
    Professionally Recorded Voice Prompts

    While you are free to provide your own voice talent, you also have the option to use one of our professionally-recorded voice talents. This way, you have the option to maintain solidarity with your current phone system, or find a talent that best matches your style and preferences.

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