Ease of Payments with Text Invoicing

Request Payments and Donations via SMS Text for a More Efficient Payment Solution

Improve your business’s efficiency and accelerate cash flow with text invoicing. SMS text invoice notification is a simple solution to instantly notify your customers of bill payments or send requests for donations to benefit non-profit charities. Prompt customers to make instant payments via secure text link, where they can pay their balance or use a campaign code to make a donation through our payment portal.


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Product Benefits

  • Save-Time-and-Money-1
    Save Time and Money

    Text invoicing eliminates the need for costly resources, like paper invoices and postage. Plus, you can get paid faster without waiting for your invoice to be mailed out, and then waiting for the payment to return. Organizations that utilize text invoicing increase revenues, decrease processing time, and increase cash flow.

  • Texts-Get-Paid-Faster
    Texts Get Opened, and you Get Paid Faster

    Text invoicing enhances customer convenience, allowing customers to instantly receive their invoice and pay directly from their phones. Payments can be accepted two ways: through a secure text link, which will allow payment to be submitted via the online portal; and directly through SMS using various prompts. For example, typing “Reply 1” will prompt an ACH bank transfer, and “Reply 2” will prompt a payment by credit card.

Product Features

  • Two-Way-SMS-Payments
    Two-way Communication

    Manage your payments with flexible data integration and two-way communication. This makes it so that every aspect of the payment process can be made through text prompts to the customer’s phone. Then, they can simply enter text prompts in return to pay their bill or submit a donation.

  • Multiple-Payment-Options-1
    Multiple Payment Options

    Various payment forms make it easy for your customers. Both ACH transactions and credit card payments are supported from one text-based solution, enhancing the customer experience by providing the option to pay multiple ways. With improved efficiency, you no longer have to enter information manually in multiple systems.

  • Reduce-PCI-Scope
    Reduced PCI Scope

    All customer accounts and personal information is stored during the initial enrollment process. This means that customer financial data, or any other sensitive data, is never released via SMS messaging. Sensitive information is managed directly within iCG Pay’s online terminal and is PCI compliant.

  • Recurring-SMS-Billing
    Set up Recurring Billing Statements through Text

    Our SMS payment solution offers customizable integration. Merchants are able to send regular reminders and notifications of payments, including upcoming payments, receipt of payments, and past-due payments. Moreover, even the receipts for submitted payments are customizable to reflect your business’s branding strategy.

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