Simplify Online Medical Billing Payment Processing

Accept Patient Payments Online with a Secure Gateway

The healthcare industry follows a number of regulations and privacy laws to protect patient information. As a result, with so many other administrative duties, processing medical payments can be a burden. With solutions, medical billing staff can manage payments for routine visits, hospital stays, surgical procedures, and follow-up care with ease.

Medical billing can be complex, balancing insurance claims and reimbursement, as well as setting up installment plans and managing co-pays for patients. The ability to manage numerous medical billing processes within a single platform enables healthcare providers to put their focus back on other tasks—like patient care.


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Process Multi-Channel Medical Payments with One Solution

iCG solutions provide an omnichannel approach to accepting medical payments online. This enables healthcare providers to streamline the process of medical billing responsibility management. iCG empowers medical billing departments with tools to automate medical billing payments, accelerating patient revenue cycle management and easing the stress on administrative staff.

Within a single payment platform, your healthcare facility can accept ACH, credit card, and Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) transactions easily, creating a versatile payment opportunity for patients to pay their medical expenses. You can also automate billing cycles with recurring payments and auto-drafted monthly payment installments, lessening the burden of larger medical bills, such as a hospital stay.

Lastly, reduce the number of calls to your establishment; patients can check balances and make payments with automated solutions such as Interactive Voice Response (IVR), email, and SMS invoicing solutions, for contactless payment options.


Industry Benefits

  • Insight-into-Real-Time-Data
    Insight into Real-Time Data

    When you use our solution, you get access to data in real-time via our virtual terminal, giving you better insights into managing payment data all in one place. Update patients on their billing status without delay, as payment history updates instantly. Reduce the delay of information for better account management with immediate visibility.

  • Improve-Revenue-Cycles
    Improve Revenue Cycles and Patient Satisfaction

    Lessen the burden of medical billing processing and management with solutions. Our platform enables you to process in-person and remote payments. Automating the payment process also makes for faster reconciliation times, so you get paid more quickly. Features such as RDC and check verification services allow for faster check processing and improved customer experience.

  • Seamless-Integration-with-Medical-Billing-Software
    Seamless Integration with Medical Billing Software

    Our iCG payment solution integrates easily with many Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and back-office systems for a more efficient management experience. Update your patient account information without going between multiple systems. Our payments platform allows you to provide patients with the most up-to-date information on their balances because payments are processed in real-time and the transaction history is accessible immediately through the virtual terminal.

  • Secure-Stress-Free-Payments
    Secure, Stress-Free Payments offers peace of mind to both medical billing staff and patients that sensitive financial data is protected. Payments are processed through our secure payment gateway, using our virtual terminal and hosted payment pages. We offer secure links via email and SMS invoicing. Since medical payment information is never stored within your system, your healthcare facility stays out of PCI scope, and your patients can trust that their data is secure.

Simplify Payments with Solutions from iCheckGateway