Enhancing Government Payment Systems with iCG Pay

Government agencies managing diverse services require a robust payment system. iCG Pay simplifies municipal payments, supporting ACH, credit, and debit card transactions. This one-solution approach streamlines payments for services like property taxes, vehicle registrations, and license renewals, enhancing convenience for both agencies and citizens.

With our multi-channel system, including a hosted payment portal and IVR Technology, citizens can easily pay online or by phone, freeing agency staff for other tasks. Real-time transaction tracking and processing through our secure gateway ensure the safety of financial data, without burdening your internal systems.


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OmniChannel Solutions for Government Payments

iCG Pay is a leader in omnichannel payment solutions for government agencies. Our tools facilitate automated processing of ACH and credit card transactions for municipal services. Features like email invoicing, hosted payment portals, and virtual terminals offer diverse and efficient payment methods, expediting the revenue cycle and enhancing data security with PCI-compliant features like tokenization and encryption.


Industry Benefits

  • Real-Time-Data
    Real-Time Data Management

    Our virtual terminal provides immediate access to payment data, consolidating transactions in one place. By processing payments through our secure gateway, we reduce your PCI scope, protecting sensitive citizen information.

  • Save-Time-and-Money
    Cost and Time Efficiency

    Reduce staffing costs and reallocate resources more effectively with our municipality payment services. Online payment options provide citizens with the independence to handle transactions without staff assistance. Opt for a payment service fee model to pass processing fees to customers, making your revenue stream neutral.

  • Seamless-Automation-Integration
    Seamless Integration and Automation

    Integrate seamlessly with back-office systems for streamlined payment management. Our advanced automation tools provide real-time processing options, keeping your systems up-to-date.

  • Interchange-Rate-Savings
    Interchange Rate Savings

    Leverage iCG Pay's Level 2 and Level 3 processing for significant savings on interchange rates, especially beneficial for routine and large municipal payments.

Enhance Municipal Payment Processing with iCG Pay