Reduce PCI Scope with Secure Online Transactions

Process Payments Easily through the Hosted Payments Portal

In an age of eCommerce, secure online payments are a necessity. Hosted payments pages from iCG Pay offer an easy and secure way to accept both ACH payments and credit card payments online. Our hosted payments gateway not only unlocks new channels of revenue for you and your business, but also gives you the peace of mind you need by keeping your business PCI compliant. By processing payments online through our secure gateway, merchants never handle sensitive financial data, so they can stay completely out of scope.


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Product Benefits

  • Integrate-Seamlessly
    Integrate Flawlessly

    Our hosted payments gateway is highly flexible and customizable in terms of branding and functionality. Integrations are made easy, with low maintenance tech support. Our APIs and development team make it simple by providing you with a secure link with no additional coding necessary on your end. Plus, with iCG Pay hosted payments, you can incorporate your branding elements, such as your company logo, into your payments page so customers won’t even realize they are leaving your website, providing a seamless customer experience.

  • Reduce_PCI_Scope
    Maintain PCI Compliance

    You can rest easy knowing that you are out of PCI scope and your customer data is safe. All transaction information passes through the iCG Pay payment gateway, meaning that no data is stored or transmitted on your system. Your customers can be assured that their sensitive data is secure.

Product Features

  • Multiple-Payment-Options
    Provide Multiple Payment Options

    Accept ACH transactions and credit card payments on a single online platform. You have the option with hosted payments pages to set up a single transaction or to set up recurring payments in no time. From the simple to the complex, using multiple fields, customers can easily enter their information and payment or donation amount. Additionally, you have the functionality to log in to view more data such as payment and transaction history. iCG Pay makes hosted payments pages simple to set up and easy to manage.

  • Customized-With-Your-Branding
    Customized to Fit Your Branding

    Customers can click the customized link and be redirected to a customized hosted payments page that reflects your branding. They can quickly submit payments without knowing they ever left your website.

  • Seamless-Secure-Customer-Experience
    Offer a Seamless, Secure Customer Experience

    Since payments are processed through our secure gateway, no cardholder information passes through your server. You can even store payment methods so that customers don’t need to manually enter their information every time they make a transaction, all while remaining secure. Plus, this level of security reduces your PCI scope, making sure you and customer information is kept safe.

  • Seamless-Secure-Customer-Experience.png
    Detailed Consolidated Reporting

    Any payments processed through the hosted payments portal will appear in the virtual terminal through iCG Pay, so you can quickly and easily view necessary data like account standings or automatically post payments to your back-office system.

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