Easy Online ACH and Credit Card Lease Payments

Streamline lease payments with iCG Pay's online solutions for rent-to-own and lease account management. Provide customers with the convenience of easy online ACH and credit card payments, accelerating transactions for consumers and retailers alike in financing large purchases. Enhance your lease servicing capabilities effortlessly.


Discover iCG Pay's Solutions for Lease Servicing

Optimized Revenue Cycle Management for Lease Services

iCG Pay enhances revenue cycle management for the rent-to-own and lease servicing sector, addressing its specific needs with innovative payment solutions.


  • Omnichannel Payment Solution: Expand payment acceptance through various channels, including secure hosted payment transactions, email and text invoicing, online payments, and mobile app solutions, leading to quicker payment settlements.

  • Varied Online Payment Methods: Get a range of options such as ACH, credit and debit card transactions, and Remote Deposit Capture (RDC), accommodating different payment preferences.

Industry Benefits

  • Convenient-Payment-Options-2

    Versatile Payment Options

    Our solutions empower flexible credit card and ACH payment acceptance. This flexibility benefits customers seeking online payment alternatives, extending lease servicing companies' and retailers' reach beyond physical stores. Online and emailed invoice payments enhance convenience for distant customers.

  • Reduce-PCI-Scope-3

    Enhanced PCI Compliance

    With branded hosted payment portals, direct your customers to pay via your website. As the payment gateway, iCG Pay ensures the security of customer financial data, maintaining PCI compliance and reducing your liability.

  • Monitor-Accounts-in-Real-Time

    Real-Time Account Monitoring

    Seamlessly integrate with back-office management software for live tracking of sales, payments, and account activities. This real-time visibility ensures timely payments and up-to-date account management, enhancing customer service and lease management efficiency.

  • Enroll-in-Recurring-Payment-Plans

    Recurring Payment Plans

    For an industry reliant on regular payments, iCG Pay's recurring payment plans ensure consistent, on-time customer payments. This predictability will guarantee a steady revenue stream for your lease servicing company, providing peace of mind for both you and your retail partners.

Enhance Your Lease Payment Processes with iCG Pay