Offer Customers the Convenience of Online ACH and Credit Card Payments

Manage Rent-to-Own and Lease Accounts with Comprehensive One Solution

Lease servicing companies facilitate the purchase of products between consumers and retailers to help finance in-store and online purchases for appliances, electronics, or even for much larger investments such as vehicles and boats. These services open more buying opportunities to consumers, allowing them to make larger purchases in affordable and easy-to-manage installments.

As these companies have grown their relationships with online banking, both their customers and retail partners benefit from more efficient payment processing and account management. The consumer can pay for goods with credit cards or ACH payments, and the lease servicing company benefits from faster payment settling times, getting merchants their money faster.


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Solutions to Improve Revenue Cycle Management for Lease Servicing is experienced in the unique challenges and needs of the rent-to-own and lease servicing industry. We provide payment solutions that help provide more efficient revenue cycle management for lease servicing companies.

With our omnichannel payment solution, iCG offers more channels to accept payments in our tech-driven society, from secure gateway transactions through the virtual terminal, to email and text invoicing solutions, online payments, and through our mobile app, iCG Pay payments are accepted and settled much faster.

With a variety of online payment method options including bank account transfer (ACH), credit and debit card transactions, and RDC, customers can choose the payment method that best works for them.


Industry Benefits

  • Convenient-Payment-Options-2
    Convenient Payment Options

    Our solutions enable you to accept credit card and ACH payments with ease. Customers of these services enjoy flexible payment options, such as online payment solutions that give them more ways to pay outside of brick-and-mortar stores. More payment options also expand the reach for lease servicing companies and retailers, allowing them more opportunities to sell to their customers; for example, customers at a driving distance can make payments online or can be emailed their payment invoices, empowering them to make payments without coming into the store.

  • Reduce-PCI-Scope-3
    Reduce PCI Scope

    With branded hosted payment portals, businesses can direct their customers to pay through their website. solutions act as the payment gateway, where the customer’s financial data is safe, never touching the merchant’s system and keeping them out of PCI scope. Knowing that customer information is stored securely, lease servicing companies and the retailers they serve can be assured that they are safe and can focus on building their business.

  • Monitor-Accounts-in-Real-Time
    Monitor Accounts in Real-Time

    Our solutions integrate seamlessly with back-office management software, allowing merchants to track sales, payments, and other account details in real-time. This knowledge offers reliable revenue for lease servicing companies since you know that accounts are paid on-time and are up-to-date. A real-time look into customer account details allows for better customer service and more efficient lease management.

  • Enroll-in-Recurring-Payment-Plans
    Enroll in Recurring Payment Plans

    In an industry that relies on repeat interval payments, recurring payment plans can ensure that customers never miss or have a late payment due. This way, lease servicing companies know that they will always be paid to credit their retailers.

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