Efficiently Manage and Process Multi-Site Property Management Payments

Comprehensive Electronic Rent Collection with a Single Platform

Property management companies have the responsibility, and challenge, of balancing many different locations of their business operations, managing the payment accounts for everything from apartment rentals, to commercial properties, single-unit housing, and multi-family properties. Multi-payment method options, like ACH and credit card processing, gives tenants more flexible payment options, and they ensure better business management.

Our multi-payment method solution empowers you to manage and process payments for your entire real estate portfolio in one location. Accepting online payments in addition to in-person or paper check payments accelerates revenue cycle management and allows for more streamlined, easier to manage information. Property management companies often look for payment facilitators that can offer a customizable payment gateway that can align with their business rules, such as preventing rent underpayment--making sure your profits are maximized.


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Gain Control with Greater Convenience

iCheckGateway.com is an experienced provider working with real estate management companies. Our payment technology includes the features and customization to streamline online rent collection and management. We provide the benefit and convenience of omnichannel processing, with available solutions including Interactive Voice Response (IVR), which allows tenants to make payments by touchtone phone without the need for a representative, freeing up your real estate office staff to complete other tasks. Both property managers and tenants can benefit from contactless payment channels including mobile payments through iCG Pay, and online payments through our virtual terminal and hosted payments portal.

We offer even greater convenience and flexibility through email invoicing and SMS text invoices, creating another line of communication between property managers and tenants to help accelerate your rent collection. With customizable fields, iCG makes it possible to adhere to individual business rules and industry regulations, ensuring payments are made in full and on time. Our payment gateway also integrates smoothly with your current back-office management tools and helps reduce your PCI scope by keeping sensitive cardholder data from ever touching your system.


Industry Benefits

  • Streamline-Revenue-Cycle-Management
    Streamline Revenue Cycle Management

    The ability to process ACH, credit card payments, and remote deposit capture (RDC) opens up multiple streams of revenue for online rent collection from rentals, commercial properties, and more. Our solution is also highly customizable, allowing you to set guidelines, such as disallowing rent underpayment. This includes setting up recurring payments schedules, helping minimize missed payments, and ensuring that you get paid on time and in full.

    Accelerate revenue with email invoicing, SMS invoices, and online payments eliminating the delay of sending paper rent statements and waiting for paper payments. ACH payments are much more secure and never get lost in the mail, equating to more efficient rent collection for both property managers and tenants.

  • Customizable-Payment-Processing
    Customizable Payment Processing

    For property management companies, the customizable options of secure payment processing through our online payments gateway is a great benefit. Customizable fields and branding on our hosted payments portal integrate seamlessly within your website, or it can even stand alone. Accept payments from multiple rental locations, and access reporting for all of them in a single platform via the virtual terminal. Plus, because customer data never touches your system, your business stays out of PCI scope.

  • Multiple-Payment-Methods
    Multiple Payment Methods

    Tenants can choose to make payments by ACH direct transfer, credit card, e-check, or RDC, allowing them to pay with the method that is most convenient to them. This saves property managers time, resources and money—ACH is more cost-effective than paper payment methods, and it avoids credit card processing fees. For instances where credit cards are used, iCheckGateway.com offers a payment service fee model that can neutralize processing fees for your business by passing them directly to the tenant.

  • Seamless-Integrations
    Seamless Integrations

    Virtual terminal integrates with QuickBooks Online for simple rent collection management. With our extensive set of developer’s tools, you can sync easily and allow for multi-user account accessibility with different levels of authorization for security.

    iCG provides a comprehensive payment platform solution to manage rent collection payments and tenant information across all your properties easily without needing to update multiple systems.

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