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To remain competitive, insurance providers need to be able to accept payments for insurance premiums for auto, home, medical, and beyond electronically. While credit cards and direct transfer (ACH) are the preferred payment methods for most consumers, processing fees and funds delays can be costly. Fortunately, the ability to accept multiple payment forms through a variety of channels can mitigate these costs.

Insurance providers need to be able to originate transactions immediately when processing regular payments for premiums. A platform that enables providers to minimize the risk of unauthorized, returned, and insufficient payments utilizing check verification at the front end of the transaction, rather than waiting for a notification helps insurance providers avoid fees for returned check payments—while accessing ACH returns or notifications of change easily and automatically. There’s also no delay in receiving your funds or starting collection services for returned payments.

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iCheckGateway is a leading provider of fully supported integrations for insurance payment processing. For instance, ACH API integrations allow insurance providers to facilitate premium payment requests and submissions, both at the back-end level and in real-time securely using our online gateway. Our payment solution is a tool to future-proof your insurance business operations, with payment automation. Automating your payments process gives you more control while reducing the delay of payment acceptance, helping to improve revenue cycle management.

Our flexible solutions offer merchants in the insurance industry more ways to settle payments safely and efficiently, including ACH processing and credit card transactions paid through our online payment portal. The check verification service protects companies from returns and lost revenue, and overall, we improve efficiency by eliminating manually running payments toward customer premiums each time, automating the payment process—the provider need only to reconcile the payment each time, keeping the process straightforward and easy.

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