Accept Multiple Payment Methods of Offerings Through Various Channels

Simplify Patron Contributions

We understand that tithes, offerings and donations are the lifeblood for most churches and religious organizations. In today’s modern era, not being able to accept digital payments can cause major limitations. Donation kiosks and PC/mobile channels are popular ways to accept tithes and donations easily and securely, simplifying the process for many individuals.

Having an online payment system for your religious organization enables streamlined transactions and offers detailed reporting that brings better visibility into giving trends. This is especially true when organizations include many initiatives into which funds are distributed, such as a general fund, building fund, special project fund, mission trip fund, among others. It’s important that patrons have multiple options to contribute to the projects they care most about.

Offerings Through Multiple Payment Methods

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Innovative Online Donations Payment Gateway for Religious Organizations

Innovative Online Donation Payment Gateway for Religious Organizations

With’s ACH and debit processing solutions, accepting and processing donations through various channels is easier than ever. Secure transactions are processed through our online payment gateway, instead of being stored on your organization’s system, serving to reduce PCI scope and mitigate potentially fraudulent activity. We provide the latest technology solutions that expand the possibilities for religious organizations to accept tithes and donations.

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