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Whether you manage the payroll for a small to medium-sized business, or a corporate enterprise, your payroll department plays a crucial role in the success of your business. Payroll managers are responsible for managing and safeguarding multiple sets of account information, from business bank accounts to individual employee information. The ability to streamline the payroll process with one centralized, secure platform that enables both ACH and credit card transactions is essential to ensuring your employees are paid accurately and on-time, while effectively managing cash flow for your business.

In order to facilitate salary direct deposit, an ACH payment processing solution is necessary. iCheckGateway.com provides an ACH processing solution that enables the secure funds transfer from your business bank account, directly into your employee accounts. This allowed you to provide a secure, simple process for payroll distribution and prevent check fraud that may occur where paper checks are prevalent— protecting both your business and employee data.

A payment processing platform that seamlessly integrates with your current back-office software, such as Quickbooks Online, cuts the margin for error, allowing for a more efficient, manageable workflow and improved revenue management. Automated payroll solutions simplify issuing a credit when needed, debits for taxes, and withholding fees.

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Efficient and Secure Payment Processing

Efficient and Secure Payment Processing

iCheckGateway.com is a leading provider of payment solutions that enable payroll departments to facilitate ACH payroll processing and accept credit card transactions, simply and efficiently. Our secure virtual terminal and hosted platform provide security functions to safeguard the sensitive financial data for both your business and your employees, keeping you out of PCI scope and assuring your employees that their hard-earned money will reach them securely.

Our secure gateway platform helps businesses save time and money on payroll processing. ACH processing accelerates the payroll process, reconciling accounts in just hours, not several days like paper checks. Mitigate added fees and expenses with a secure, online payment processing solution. Our payment platform offers customization to meet your business needs so that you can focus on your business and expand your services with ease, without needing to change payroll providers. Plus, data is secure and protected from potential fraud.

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