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Tele-advertising remains a lifeline for the TV broadcasting business, especially in today’s digital era. While it’s true that the medium looks different than it did 50 years ago, television still plays a central role in the way American’s consume news and entertainment. Television’s delivery model has evolved to become “Advanced TV” that includes streaming and over-the-top (OTT) distribution. This has opened the floodgate for advertisers to not only target consumers in geographical areas, but target specific types of households in those areas.

This convergence opens up more opportunities, but also provides added challenges for tele-advertising—especially when it comes to settling payments for services rendered. Today’s era of Advanced TV requires a payment solution that can keep up with the evolution of the industry. From balancing multiple business-to-business relationships across many platforms and locations, to managing billing services for subscribers for streaming services, TV broadcasting companies require a single payment solution that delivers a streamlined approach for payment processing—TV broadcasting companies need

TV Broadcasting Advertising Payments

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Future Proof Solutions for the TV Broadcasting Industry

Future-Proof Solutions for the TV Broadcasting Industry allows TV broadcasting companies to effectively and efficiently invoice for advertising through a single payment solution. The platform delivers a streamlined approach to accepting both ACH and credit card payments for pre- and post-invoice advertising as well as recurring payment billing for subscription services. With your broadcast network or affiliate can: Automate payments processing across multi-channels, Settle advertising payments electronically, Expedite receiving funds, View all accounts across TV markets in one platform, managed from one payment portal.

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