Seamlessly Accept Credit Card Payments and Get Paid Quickly

Process Credit Card Transactions with Secure Merchant Account Services

Credit card payments have become the most popular and preferred method of payment in many industries. iCG Pay enables merchants the power to accept credit card transactions regardless of their business size or industry, providing you with more flexibility. What’s more, we provide solutions that enable you to accept both ACH payments and credit card transactions in a single payments platform solution.


Accept Credit Card Payments Securely with iCG Pay

Product Benefits

  • More-Ways-to-Pay
    Expand Your Business with More Ways to Pay

    Today, businesses and consumers use credit cards to make everyday purchaces. In this digital economy, merchants need to make it a top priority to accept and process credit cards securely through various channels, including online, ecommerce, and mobile. The capability to process credit cards increases your revenue opportunities.

  • Credit-Cards-and-ACH
    Accept ACH and Credit Cards in One Solution

    With merchant account services from iCG Pay, you can process both ACH, credit and debit card transactions within our payment gateway. Easily manage your transactions within a single, unified payment platform, increasing your revenue opportunities, saving both time and money for your business. iCG Pay empowers merchants to process cards in a variety of secure, simple online channels including with our IVR phone payments system and through our mobile app, iCG Pay. Our virtual terminal provides a solution to accept cards even when the physical card is not present, or to accept swiped cards with the assistance of a card reader, so you never miss a sales opportunity. And, because payments are processed through our secure payment gateway and sensitive data never touches your system, iCG provides merchants with peace of mind with our built-in fraud prevention tools.

Product Features

  • Reduce-Fraudulent-Transactions.png
    Reduce Fraudulent Transactions

    iCG Pay helps to greatly reduce potentially fraudulent transactions with our built-in security features, including end-to-end encryption and tokenization. Processing credit cards through our secure gateway and merchant accounts protect your sensitive cardholder data and keeps your customers safe.

  • Get-Paid-Quickly
    Get Paid Quickly and Save Money

    When you take advantage of our merchant accounts and process payments directly through our gateway, you lessen the number of parties involved in processing your transactions. This leads to a more secure transaction for your business, and the opportunity for reduced credit card processing fees, and a faster payment processing time. Process with iCG Pay, a provider you can trust to save you time and money.

  • Reduce-PCI-Compliance-Scope
    Reduce the Burden of PCI Compliance

    iCG Pay also ensures that you will maintain PCI compliance. There is no outside access to credit card numbers, expiration dates, or security codes when you use our platform. No data is stored within your system, and data exposure is minimized. This keeps you out of PCI scope and lessens the burden of PCI compliance and adherence to other industry standards.

  • Incorporate-Credit-Card-Processing
    Incorporate Credit Card Processing Easily

    When you accept credit card transactions, you give your customers the option to use their most preferred payment method, increasing sales, convenience, and customer satisfaction. Seamlessly integrate our solution with your existing office software to start securely accepting credit card payments easily and reliably.

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