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List of Industries

Tailored Payment Solutions for Diverse Industries


iCG Pay offers specialized payment solutions for various industries, from insurance to utilities to broadcasters and more. We go beyond mere processing, aligning with your sector's growth goals. Our services help tackle unique challenges, ensuring competitiveness in a dynamic market. With iCG Pay, you gain a partner committed to your industry's success.


In insurance, timely and secure transactions are essential for policyholders and insurers alike. Our payment solutions streamline premium payments, claims processing, and policy renewals. With robust security measures, we safeguard sensitive customer information and reduce the risk of fraud. Simplify the payment journey for insurance stakeholders while ensuring compliance with industry regulations.


Municipalities handle a wide range of payments, from utility bills to permit fees. Our payment processing solutions enable municipalities to offer convenient online payment options, reducing in-person traffic and administrative overhead. By integrating with existing systems, we enhance efficiency in revenue collection, ensuring accurate and transparent financial operations for local governments.


Utilities need reliable payment solutions that cater to diverse payment preferences. Our platform supports various payment methods, from credit cards to electronic checks, providing customers with flexibility. Additionally, our automated billing and payment reminders reduce late payments, enhancing revenue collection for utility providers.

TV Broadcasting

TV broadcasting companies rely on prompt and hassle-free payments from advertisers. Our solutions enable advertisers to make secure payments, improving cash flow for broadcasters. With efficient reconciliation processes, we simplify financial tracking and reporting, allowing TV broadcasting companies to focus on creating engaging content.

Medical Billing

Medical billing requires accuracy and speed to maintain a healthy cash flow. Our payment solutions integrate seamlessly with medical billing software, allowing patients to settle bills online. We offer compliant and secure payment processing, ensuring patient data confidentiality while minimizing payment delays and administrative burden.


Efficient payroll processing is vital for employee satisfaction. Our solutions facilitate direct deposit and electronic paycheck delivery, eliminating the need for paper checks. By integrating with payroll systems, we streamline the payment process, reducing manual errors and ensuring timely compensation for employees.

Non-Profit Charities

Non-profit organizations rely on donations to support their missions. Our payment solutions enable non-profits to accept online donations securely. We offer customizable donation forms, recurring payment options, and detailed reporting to help charities manage their fundraising efforts effectively.

Finance Companies

Finance companies require secure and efficient payment processing for loan payments and other financial transactions. Our solutions offer seamless integration with loan management systems, ensuring timely payments while maintaining data security. By reducing payment processing friction, we help finance companies enhance customer satisfaction.

Religious Organizations

Religious organizations handle donations and contributions from their communities. Our payment solutions provide online giving options, enabling congregants to contribute easily. We prioritize security and transparency, ensuring that donations reach their intended recipients while adhering to financial regulations.


Banks need robust payment solutions that align with their reputation for security and reliability. Our platform supports various payment methods and integrates seamlessly with banking systems. By offering advanced security measures and efficient payment processing, we assist banks in delivering an exceptional customer experience.

Leasing Services

Leasing companies often deal with recurring payments and contracts. Our solutions automate lease payment processing, reducing administrative overhead and ensuring accurate payments. We offer flexibility in payment methods, making it convenient for tenants to meet their financial obligations.

Property Management

Property management involves rent collection and financial tracking for multiple properties. Our solutions simplify rent payments, offering online payment options for tenants. With robust reporting features, property managers gain insights into revenue collection and streamline financial management across properties.

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