Eliminate Merchant Processing Fees with a Cash Discount

Incentivize Cash and ACH Bank Transfer Payments

Tired of paying 2-4% on credit card processing fees? Cut down on these fees with iCG's Cash Discount Program. Simply incorporate card acceptance costs into your pricing. Reward your customers with discounts for paying via cash or ACH transfer, all accessible through iCG Pay's versatile online, mobile, and IVR payment solutions.

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Why Implement the Cash Discount Program?

Reclaim nearly all your credit card and ACH processing fees. This innovative approach ensures you retain 100% of your sales revenue. It's a game-changer for sectors like utilities and municipalities, where high volumes and lower transaction values often amplify processing costs. By offering an alternative payment method that rewards your customers, you save money while enhancing customer satisfaction.

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How Does a Cash Discount Program Work?

Streamline your pricing strategy with this tailored approach. We adjust your product prices to cover credit card and ACH processing fees.

Picture this: a $100 item is tagged at $103.50 for credit card buyers, including the processing fee. Cash payers enjoy a $3.50 saving, bringing their cost back to $100. Opt for ACH, and the price drops to $101 with a modest $1 processing fee to iCG Pay.

The result? You always receive the full $100 for each sale, regardless of the payment method. Plus, every receipt clearly shows the discounts, making savings transparent for your customers.

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Is Cash Discounting Legal?

Yes, when properly executed. Cash discounting legally offsets credit card fees by incorporating them into prices, offering savings for cash or ACH payments. Unlike surcharges, it's about upfront advertised prices and not extra charges for the use of credit cards.

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Eliminate Your Average Fees for Credit Card Processing

Trim down credit card fees of 2-4% per transaction. Our cash discount program integrates these costs into your pricing, enabling savings for cash or ACH payments, adapting to various card types and transaction volumes.

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Utilize All of the iCG Payment Technologies

Harness iCG Pay's advanced payment solutions for seamless integration of cash discounts online. Our system ensures compliance, fee elimination, and supports multiple payment methods, maintaining your business's smooth operation.

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