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Effortlessly shift to fast and secure ACH transactions. Enjoy the efficiency of modern payment processing with our tailored solutions.

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Product Benefits
Provide Peace of Mind and Convenience for Your Customers

Today, paper checks are outdated and subject to loss or fraudulent activity. ACH direct payments provide accuracy and security where paper methods fail. With ACH, sensitive banking information such as routing and account numbers pass through fewer hands during direct transfers and ensure a higher level of safety. Set up automatic recurring payments and never miss another due date!

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Reduce Hassle, Expense, and Delay with ACH Payments

ACH is more efficient than waiting for a paper check or money order to arrive and be deposited. Transactions with ACH are often settled and accepted before paper methods, and can be cleared in as few as one to three days. Get paid faster and with less processing fees, as ACH fees are generally lower than those of credit and debit card processing.

Product Features
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Accept ACH Payments Through a Single Platform

Process and support ACH transactions, card payments, and RDC (Check 21) with ease on one platform. Unburden your tech team and enhance your efficiency — let iCG Pay expertly host and support your payment services, saving you the hassle of building them in-house. We're ready. Start the integration process today.

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Enjoy a Higher Level of Information Security

Experience the pinnacle of secure transactions with iCG Pay. Our solution is fortified with top-tier SSL encryption and robust multi-factor authentication to ensure the latest security best practices shield your ACH transactions. With us, your sensitive data remains secure, giving you peace of mind in every transaction.

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Access Diverse Payment Options

From an eCommerce site, CRM software, or inventory app, you can tailor ACH payment acceptance to your needs. iCG Pay offers a custom ACH payment solution through a Hosted Payment Portal, catering to various industries like online retail, universities, communication firms, charities, and more.

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Enhance Your Transaction Insights

Our platform transforms your reporting experience. Get instant access to in-depth return information and immediate notifications of change.  Streamline your reporting and exception handling effortlessly, guaranteeing thorough oversight and proactive management. Embrace the efficiency and precision that ensures every detail is captured and addressed swiftly.

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