Accept ACH and Credit Card Payments Easily with iCG Pay's Virtual Terminal

All-in-One Payment Processing Solution

iCG Pay's Virtual Terminal is your gateway to managing ACH and credit card payments efficiently. It's a secure, web-based system, transforming any internet-enabled device into a powerful payment processing tool, ensuring security and PCI compliance wherever you go.

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Product Benefits
Accept Payments Anywhere, Anytime

Our Virtual Terminal means business mobility. Accept ACH and credit card payments from any internet-connected device. It supports point-of-sale transactions and accommodates unlimited user accounts with customizable access levels.

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Get Paid Quickly

Track and manage your payments in real-time. Set up both single and recurring transactions easily, using stored customer data for faster processing. Instantly verify checks and card transactions to ensure quick payment turnaround.

Standout Features
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No Additional Software Needed

Process payments on any computer without extra software. This ease of use saves on IT costs and time, enabling immediate transaction processing.

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Customizable Reporting

Effortlessly navigate transaction data with color-coded reporting. Quickly identify and access various transaction types, streamlining your daily financial tasks.

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Secure and PCI Compliant

Customer security is paramount. Securely process transactions through our payment gateway, not your system, enhancing data protection and minimizing your PCI scope.

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Optimize Your Operations

Get real-time access to payment data and streamline your workflow. Manage, void, and batch-process transactions efficiently, and even distribute electronic invoices to your customers.

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