Take Charge of Customer Payments with Email Invoicing

Request Payments without Paying for Postage

Transform how you invoice with iCG Pay’s email invoicing system. Send payment requests for goods and services directly via email, offering customers the ease of paying online, either by ACH or credit card. Single invoices or recurring billing? Both are possible on our integrated platform.

Streamline Your Billing Process

Key Benefits
Customer Convenience Redefined

Enable hassle-free payments via email links, accessible on any device. Secure processing through our virtual terminal means reduced PCI scope and safeguarded customer data. Customers have the flexibility of choosing ACH or credit card payments.

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Fast-Track Your Revenue

Cut the clutter and cost of paper invoices and postage. Email invoicing accelerates your cash flow with technology that enables instant online payments, bypassing the wait for mailed-in customer responses.

Standout Features
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Brand-Centric Invoices

Tailor your email invoices with your brand's logo and design, enhancing recognition and trust. This personalization streamlines payments, ensuring prompt and familiar transactions for your customers.

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Seamless Integrations

Our email invoicing seamlessly integrates with your existing business software, including a QuickBooks plugin for easy accounting. This integration ensures a smooth transition and efficient data management.

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Detailed Reporting Features

Access a full suite of invoicing and payment data, including open and paid invoices, due dates, and amounts. Color-coded labels help manage late invoices, and all transaction details are visible in your iCG Pay Virtual Terminal for easy tracking.

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