Streamline Your Premium Collections with Advanced Insurance Payment Solutions

Effortlessly process ACH and credit card payments for insurance premiums.

Enhance your financial operations with our secure, streamlined payment solutions, designed for quicker premium settlements. 

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Reduce the Risk of Unauthorized Payments with iCG Pay Solutions

Navigating the competitive insurance market requires modern solutions. Our iCG Pay platform caters to this need by offering: 

  • Convenient Payment Options: We recognize the customer preference for credit cards and ACH transfers. We engineered our platform to reduce processing fees and delays, integrating various payment methods for your convenience.
  • Timely Processing of Premium Payments: Get swift and secure transactions. With real-time check verification, we minimize the risks associated with unauthorized or insufficient payments. Cut down the wait time for bounced check notifications. Enjoy faster access to funds and a smoother management of returned payments. 
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Get Integrated Solutions for Your Insurance Company

iCG Pay is a leader in insurance payment processing, offering robust integrations to enhance your operations:

  • Seamless Payment Handling: Manage premium payments effortlessly via our secure online gateway. See the power of our ACH API integrations today.
  • Custom Solutions: We offer tailored ACH and credit card processing solutions, including a check verification service to protect your business from returns and revenue losses.
  • Operational Efficiency: Our system eliminates the need for processing customer premiums manually, enabling simple and effective reconciliation of each payment. 
Industry Benefits
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Reduce the Likelihood of Returns
Our check verification services play a crucial role in minimizing the occurrence of returned payments or delayed funds:
Proactive Management:
iCG Pay enables you to manage transactions at the outset, rather than post-processing, effectively reducing the likelihood of returns.

Early Collection Process:
This approach also initiates the collection process sooner, adding efficiency to your financial operations. 
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Increase Visibility into Your Business Revenue
Stay informed and up-to-date with iCG Pay's solutions:

Enhanced Tracking:
Our ACH API integrations offer multiple channels for sending and receiving invoices and transactions, including SMS and email. 

Real-Time Updates:
Gain insights into received payments, returns, and changes as they happen, allowing for tighter revenue cycle management. 
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Boost Funding Through Multiple Payment Channels

Our comprehensive solutions encompass both ACH transactions and credit card payments: 

Secure Payment Portal:
Reduce PCI scope and store cardholder information securely through our portal.

Automated Payments:
Accelerate your revenue stream with our system's capability to instantly accept and process payments, including recurring payments for monthly premiums. 

Simplify Premium Payments with Solutions from iCG Pay
Ever how our solutions can transform your payment process.
Simplify Premium Payments with Solutions from iCG Pay
Ever howour solutions can transformyour payment process.