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Easy Payment Solutions for TV Advertising and Subscriptions

In the dynamic world of TV broadcasting, where traditional and advanced platforms like streaming and OTT converge, the need for a versatile payment solution is paramount. iCG Pay offers the ideal response to these changing demands, supporting a range of payment options for both tele-advertising services and subscription models.

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Tailored Solutions for TV Broadcasting

iCG Pay caters to TV broadcasting companies with efficient invoicing and payment processing. Our platform simplifies ACH and credit card payments for advertising and subscription services. Automate payment processes across multiple channels, settle advertising payments electronically, expedite fund receipt, and manage all accounts in one unified platform.

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Industry Benefits
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Centralized Data Management

Gain a comprehensive view of all invoicing activities with iCG Pay. Manage and prioritize invoices in one platform, integrating seamlessly with back-office solutions for real-time, cross-departmental visibility.

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Adaptable Payment Options

Meet the varied needs of the TV broadcasting sector with our flexible solutions. Process payments for corporate and individual accounts, manage partial, upfront, and full payments, and ensure smooth post-advertising invoicing.

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Streamlined Payment Automation

Automate your payment processes for increased efficiency. Adjust advertising accounts in real-time, enroll customers in automated payments for streaming services, and enjoy the security of protected, streamlined transactions.

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Streamlined and Secure Payment Options

Rely on iCG Pay for consistent, automated invoicing for both tele-advertising and streaming services. Ensure swift payment for airtime across all markets and customer segments.

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