Fortify Your Business with Enhanced PCI Compliance

Harness the power of iCG Pay's advanced technology to assure your customers that their financial data is in safe hands. Our comprehensive solutions reduce PCI scope, guarding against fraud and ensuring secure ACH and credit card processing on a unified online platform.

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Product Benefits
Simplify PCI Compliance

Navigating PCI compliance can be complex and expensive. iCG Pay simplifies this with robust security features, safeguarding sensitive data in both inbound and outbound transactions, and significantly reducing your PCI compliance efforts.

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Trustworthy Payment Processing

Offer your customers the confidence they need against threats like data breaches and identity theft. iCG Pay's fraud-prevention tools not only enhance customer trust but also contribute to your business's growth and credibility.

Exceptional Security Features
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Adherence to Security Standards

iCG Pay ensures the protection of sensitive data while supporting both ACH and credit card transactions. Our solutions comply with PCI-DSS and Nacha standards, featuring tokenization, iFrame implementation, and end-to-end encryption, among others.

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Hosted Payments Portal for Reduced PCI Scope

By redirecting transactions through our hosted payment portal, data is transmitted securely without involving your systems. This further minimizes your PCI scope and enhances security, ensuring that customer data is handled with the utmost care and compliance.

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Advanced Data Security with Tokenization

Our tokenization method replaces sensitive data with random number tokens, preventing storage or transmission in your system. iCG Pay acts as a custodian, storing tokens in a PCI-compliant environment, protecting against data breaches and identity theft.

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Secure Transactions with iFrame Implementation

Our iFrame implementation embeds customer payments into your website, offering seamless and secure processing. Fully supported APIs throughout the payment process ensure a secure, PCI-compliant experience.

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