Accelerate Payments and Donations Through SMS Text Invoicing

Boost your business's efficiency and cash flow with iCG Pay's text invoicing solution. Notify customers instantly of bills or donation requests via SMS, leading them to a secure payment link. This easy-to-use solution not only simplifies the payment process, but also supports non-profit fundraising efforts efficiently.

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Key Advantages
Cost-Effective and Swift Transactions

Eliminate the expenses and delays of traditional invoicing. Text invoicing by iCG Pay ensures quicker payments, enhancing revenue, reducing processing times, and bolstering cash flow.

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High Engagement, Faster Payments

Our text invoicing boosts convenience, allowing immediate invoice access and payment via mobile. Customers can respond directly to SMS prompts for varied payment options, ensuring prompt transactions.

Product Features
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Interactive Payment Management

Leverage two-way communication for comprehensive payment control. Customers can easily navigate the payment process using intuitive text prompts, streamlining bill payments and donations.

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Diverse Payment Methods

Offer your customers multiple payment options through a single SMS solution. Support for ACH and credit card transactions via text enhances the payment experience, reducing the need for manual data entry.

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Reduced PCI Scope

All customer accounts and personal information are stored during the initial enrollment process. There's no sensitive information exchange via SMS. Manage all data securely within iCG Pay's PCI-compliant online terminal.

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Automated Recurring Billing via SMS

Customize and automate billing reminders, notifications, and receipts with iCG Pay's SMS solution. Keep your customers informed and your branding consistent, even in payment communications.

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