Tailor-Made Payment Solutions with iCG Pay Support Tools

Craft a payment system that aligns perfectly with your business using iCG Pay’s APIs, developer tools, and plugins. Whether it’s eCheck, ACH transfer, or card payments, our tools integrate seamlessly into your ecommerce platforms, ensuring a secure, efficient payment process supported by our expert team.

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Product Benefits
Seamless Integration with Existing Systems

Leverage our user-friendly developer tools and responsive IT support to create a payment solution tailored to your business needs. Enjoy effortless integration with your existing software, fast onboarding, and scalable tools that grow with your business.

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Time and Cost-Efficient Solutions

Our comprehensive solutions are designed for efficiency and cost savings. Access everything you need in our Partner Zone, from API specs to plugins. Our technical support ensures smooth integration, combining ACH and card processing while minimizing merchant fees.

Standout Features
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Solutions for Reduced PCI Compliance Burden

Minimize PCI scope with our range of customizable tools, including secure links and API integrations. Our solutions, from hosted payment portals to shopping cart plugins, prioritize security for both your and your customers' data.

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Grow Your Business with Our Developer Tools

Join our Partner Zone for full access to APIs, plugins, support resources, and sample codes for seamless system integration. Our tools are designed to evolve with your business, offering a fully customizable payment experience.

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Dedicated Technical Support

Our expert support team is here to guide you through the integration process, ensuring a smooth transition into your existing systems. Schedule a demo or explore our live test modules for a firsthand experience of our robust solutions.

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