Elevate Security with iCG-Verify Check Verification Services

Minimize the risk of returned checks with iCG-Verify, offering real-time access to account information and check status. This advanced service helps you detect and prevent fraudulent activity at the point of sale, safeguarding your business from financial losses.

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Product Benefits
Enhance Check Acceptance Confidence

Our verification service empowers you to validate checks at the point of sale, effectively detecting fraud. This not only improves check acceptance rates but also strengthens your risk management strategy.

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Secure Your Financial Health

Prevent financial setbacks with iCG-Verify. Quickly authorize checks to determine their validity, ensuring transactions are completed with confidence, and protecting your revenue stream.

Standout Features
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Advanced Verification Technologies

iCG-Verify brings you five state-of-the-art verification technologies, available individually or as a suite: iCGBasic, iCGProprietary, iCG Real-Time, iCG Negative Data, and iCG Private Bad Check List.

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Comprehensive Check Services

Our services cover a wide range of check-related issues, from invalid routing numbers to fraud alerts. This breadth of coverage protects your profits by ensuring thorough check scrutiny.

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Fast and Accurate Check Authorization

Speed up your point-of-sale transactions with reliable check verification. Our system enables you to check account statuses and writer history quickly, reducing the risk of returned checks and securing your payments.

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